FFSoM Concerto Competition

UA Fred Fox School of Music
2016-2017 Concerto Competition
Rules and Application Form
• Applicants must be UA students currently enrolled in music individual studies (MUSI), studying with members of the Fred Fox School of Music performance faculty or GTAs.
• Solo applicants may not have won the competition as a soloist in the immediately preceding academic year.
• Solo applicants may win once per degree program.
• Ensemble applicants may not have won in the preceding year as a member of an ensemble.  Mixed ensembles must choose which area competition to enter.
•Students must submit a Concerto Competition Application available on-line from the UA Orchestras web site https://orchestra.music.arizona.edu/concerto-competition.
• A completed application must be submitted to Dr. Cockrell for approval no later than Friday, October 28 at 1:00 PM.   Due to an early competition date, wind and percussion players have a Friday October 21 deadline.  He will either approve or disapprove the application based on the feasibility of performing this work with the Arizona Symphony in February, taking into consideration the difficulty of accompaniment, orchestral forces available, length, and the cost and availability of orchestral materials.  Due to budget constraints it is possible that a proposed work could be denied due to the cost of rental materials.
• The maximum length of the movement or piece to be performed is 15 minutes, unless specifically approved by Dr. Cockrell.
• Application forms will be returned to area coordinators by October 31. After that date, area competitions will proceed.
Area Competitions:
• Each area (Strings, Keyboard, Voice and Winds/Brass/Percussion) will hold its own competition, and may apply additional procedures, requirements or rules.  Please check with the area coordinator.
• The individual areas will select the competition date(s) and arrange for judges.
• Student competitors will perform a solo work, a concerto or a movement from a concerto. Area competitions will be open to the public.
• Because of a shortened orchestral preparation period in January, rehearsals must begin in December.  Therefore, area competitions should be completed by the Thanksgiving holiday.
• One winner and one runner-up per area will be selected by the judges.
Performances. social obligation
• Area winners will perform only the movement(s) or work with which they competed in the President’s Concerts:  February 4 at 7:30 and February 5, 2017 at 3″00 in Crowder Hall.  The dress rehearsal will be Saturday morning February 4.
• It is expected that all winners will attend, and perform at if asked, the 2016 Annual Scholarship Luncheon where they will be honored by School of Music Advisory Board.  The luncheon will be Sunday January 29, 2016 from 11:30 – 2:30 at the Arizona Inn.

University of Arizona School of Music

2023-24 Concerto Competition

NOTE: The deadline for submission of the completed application form is October 30, 2023 at 4:00 PM Arizona time. Area deadlines might be earlier!  Please check with your instructor or area coordinator.

RULES PDF: 2023-24 UA SOM Concerto Competition Rules

FORM:  Concerto Competition Application Form